Monday, 10 October 2011

DIY Day: Style It

Sometimes design is all in the details...the way a book is perched, how you group a collection, what color the spine of a book is....Here's a collection of simple styling tricks you can use.

On this person's door, it says welcome home! when entering and hurry back! when leaving.

Wallpaper makes this nook special, not utilitarian

Chandy as bedside lighting? Yes please!

Simple rough wooden floating shelves are chic

Make a table out of anything!

Isn't the layering of this art almost like a piece of art itself? Like the collection is more than the sum of the individual pieces.

Ok I'll never be able to afford the things in this bathroom but I can take a page out of the stylist's book. Here the water flows through the chandelier, and the pips are hidden in that wood box next to the (crazy!) tub

I like the mirror on the bulletin board. Also everything else about this space except the ugly carpet

Such a rich-looking room! You get a feel for the owner's personality immediately

LOVE the wall installation....not too pretentious, but perfectly styled

Ideas to steal: curtain around crib, floor cushions make reading nook, DIY chandelier, branch as curtain rod, DIY bunting, perfectly distressed green dresser

Everyday items look beautiful when grouped, like these cutting boards

Check out the color blocking in the bookcase

Love the simple shelves, with utensils in a cup and the glassware making a graphic statement

You can buy glass drops like this off Etsy for less than $5. I know because I've done it.

I'm in love with this shot. Perfectly styled bench under perfectly styled gallery wall. Who needs a bookshelf when you've got this?

They've installed a faux-fireplace as a focal point. Glass instead of fireplace, rolls of paper instead of logs, wire tacked across the front for texture.

Everything about this space is perfect to me. Including that rug and the way this table becomes a desk for 2 due to the positioning of it

I like the curtain to separate the tub from the rest of the room. And, of course, the chandy and amazing antiqued glass.

This may be a little too deliberate for some, but I kind of like the surprise of having the photo under your coats and hats and little parts being alternately covered and revealed day by day.

I collect postcards from all my travels, and I want one of these racks so bad to display them!

Horizontal shelving is more relaxed, plus this is a great top-of-the-stairs use of space

Giant chalkboard, low-lying bookshelf made of a simple board and 2 big rocks.
Having guests over and your office is a mess? use the screen to hide it all away!

mirror on mirror is one of my favorite visual tricks.

And now for the ultimate example of the wonder of styling:

I mean....SERIOUSLY.

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