Sunday, 16 October 2011

Masculine/feminine yumminess

I was putting together my not-even-weekly Hump Day Dump Day post and realized that over half of them had a strong emphasis on a delicate balance between masculine and feminine. My own space is fairly feminine, but I've been looking for places to incorporate more masculine elements because I think it's much more interesting. Exhibit A through ZZZ:

Girly frames, modern decor. I like the graffiti aspect of these chairs.

Could be just great photography....but I love all the depth/texture of this shot

Metallic pillows and throw rug = girly, grey gold and white color combo + cowhide ottoman = manly

Leather couches and metal accents/table are masculine but the flowers and other decorative touches make it feminine

What a perfect little nook!

Color. Combo.

Love the emerald green

Black, white, and green are manly, but they can be tempered by curves and other girly touches

How pretty is this vintage wooden ironing board

I want Sheryl Crow's whole home. Especially the laidback kitchen.

Love the layered artwork and how it makes the TV blend in

What a great eclectic space....not too stuffy, not too lazy

Nice cozy weathered home

I like the ruffle on this super basic couch....girlies up the straight lines and muted palette of everything else

Weathered window pane with Krylon mirror spraypaint

Nice masculine the headboard

Masculine/feminine goodness

Neutral goodness

One of my all-time favorite bedrooms

Wood + metal is my favorite. This table would only get better with time.

Great outdoor patio. I want the couch for my livingroom one day.

Perfectly worn coffee table

LOVE. This. Bathroom.

If I ever have the money for a media room....I'd do it up similar to this.

Palette is masculine, antiqued mirrors temper the dude aspect down

What do you think? Are your favorite rooms all one gender, or are they a great mix of girly and manly?

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