Sunday, 30 October 2011


So I've been AWOL for a bit, just got back from a conference in San Diego. Conference was so-so, San Diego was beautiful! I've never been before and highly recommend it. Halloween weekend in SD was crazy too, if you're the type who loves people-watching I recommend popping a squat at a bar with a patio and taking in the sights all night :)

All of us at the conference noticed a distinct difference in SLC vs SD fashion (duh) so I thought I'd post my latest fashion inspirations :)

That necklace? Chandelier drops. Probably heavy as f*ck but kinda funky. I also really want a leopard print cardigan, which are surprisingly hard to find in a print that looks chic not shit.

Also on a perpetual search for the perfect pair of leather boots, which I wear all year long. I like the tall socks/leg warmers here.

Perfect weekend slouchy yet fashionable outfit

Just like in interiors, I think texture absolutely makes an outfit. Here we have metal, cozy knit, lace, and a silky or cottony top. So great. I want a white lace skirt in the worst way but have no idea how people keep them clean?! Don't they just attract dirtiness??

I'm jonesing for black and white stripes in the worst way lately, both in interiors and fashion:

Love stripes with floral

And particularly into bright pink with black and white, like so:

Doesn't she look like Olivia Wilde?!

I want those pink pants!!!

Fall colors, so great

But I still love me some summery goodness, especially after San Diego. What do we think about the resurgence of denim tops?

Also, daytime sequins, like above and below

Signet rings are my fave.

I want a silky tie-top shirt with blousy sleeves, only in white or cream. Shockingly hard to find in a normal-person price range.

Unofficial poll: tights under shorts, yea or nay?

I have all the right things to make this outfit happen, yet somehow it just doesn't work on me. WHyyyyy?

Last but not least, how cute is this preggers lady?!

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