Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Interesting challenge: Dream Home Design

Yesterday, in an attempt to avoid homework (much like today, as I'm posting this), I challenged myself to pick images from my own blog that I would give to an architect and interior designer if I were to win the lottery and be able to design my own house. I was really surprised with what I came up with! I figured I'd have a lot of really colorful rooms, funky, eclectic, etc. What I actually pulled were lots of industrial-inspired spaces with more of an antique vibe. My dream house would have lots of older character, true, but I was surprised by how my tastes have changed just in the few months since I posted my Dream Home series....check it out!

I love nearly everything about this picture. The overhead lamps, big wood beans, brick walls, interesting artwork, and sculptural chairs (I wouldn't actually use them cuz they hurt your ass and leave stupid squares in your leg fat but they look damn good!). I would also have used a more farm-style tabe, not the ugly modern one they selected. But this is pretty good all in all.

Fuugggginnnn looooooooove those pendants. Seriously. A bit industrial, a bit modern....I wonder how good of light they shed? Good use of texture here too with the marble, woven chairs, silver tile, and lacquered cabinets. I like that it's monochromatic but not boring.

My dream home would FOR SURE include a little library nook like this. I seriously can't get over it.

Beautiful doors. Ugly tile though.

Easier approach to gallery style artwork.

I'd do this to my floors in a second if I knew it would turn out this well.

Someday I'll paint a room this color. Maybe that little library room, which would also include a little bench (see image further below).

I love maps, and I love card catalogs. Maybe because I used to work at a library? And have spent the last 18 years of my life in school?

Those pendants again! I like the overall look of the first kitchen better but the cabinetry of this one more.

I would kill for these. One day I will have leaded glass doors, probably leading into my library nook, since that seems to be where all my best ideas are ending up in this post.

See? Little bench. Dark teal paint. Better sconces than these ugly ones. And a desk for doing bills.

Perfect pantry. Yep.

Seeeeeexxxyyyy bedroom. Not necessarily industrial or antiquey but just amazing. If I ever get married and have to give up my flowered DIY headboard and other girly parts of my room that I currently love, I'll go this route as my inspiration.

Bar. Industrial. Artwork. Booze. Gooooooood.

Again with the kitchen. I don't think I've ever posted so many kitchen pics in my life. I like the green color and the tolix chairs.

Window seat in bedroom. A must. Or in the living room like my childhood home. That was pretty dope too.

I like the ethnic flair of this livingroom. Honestly I'd probably get more colorful pillows but I love this room just as it is. Decisions, decisions.

A nod to my scientific background...

Beautiful woodwork on the stairs.

Big huge front porch with cheerful bunting.

Goooorgeous fire outside....omg I want this so bad.

Ethnic flair, toned down hues but still interesting. I'd probably add a big brass swooping lamp.

Again with the ethnic/industrial look. Too many pillows for a dining room (don't they get spilled on all the time with the kids?) but I like it anyway.

And there you have it. My surprisingly not-colorful, industrial/ethnic dream home.


  1. This is great! Having those inspirations can definitely be a motivation to get one for your very own in the future. But if you can't seem to get the right house at the right location, maybe it's best to build one from scratch. That way, you can adjust it to your specific ideas and needs for your home. Cheers!

    Terry Kennedy @ Deadwood Real Estate Center

  2. Anyone who could see your inspirations will definitely be motivated to start their own! I can only imagine how it would turn out once your dream become a reality! Anyway, I think it would be best if could start saving up now, than waiting for a lucky break in your finances. That way, you'll have a headstart for when you finally decide to go for the house you want.

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes