Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lotsa organization going on today

Wall dealios. Good.

So pretty. Good inspiration for my half-done painting.

Dream home will have big arching passageways like this one.

And the walls will be mostly windows.

And it will have these pendants (which are, like $425 each I believe). Also like the tile.

I like the simple kitchen with a little personality brought in through the accessories (and ghost chair)

DIY? Acrylic from Home Depot plus some sort of epoxy? Is this possible?

Colored tape used to delineate an inspiration board...may be used to make fake molding on walls too?

It's cute. Reminds me of a dorm, but in a classy way.

Another flying flock....I love Anthropologie's windows!

Interesting mantle. Awkward table/chair setup.

DIY....circles on paper, filled in with multicolors

Cute little Moroccan plant stand. I want.

I like these.....could copy the patterns on top of a side table.

Monogram in an unlikely spot.

Since my roommate may move out soon, and take all her livingroom furniture with her, I've been pondering how to fill the space with as little furniture as possible. I have 2 small coffee tables, so I could just add a sofa and a couple of benches/ottomans?

Pretty pretty. I wonder if it's framed wrapping paper?

I like me some art tables, especially made into coffee tables.

Would make a cute library

Way girlier than I'd actually do, but I like this nonetheless.

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