Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring break, aka DIY time :)

That's right folks, I'm on my well-deserved week-long spring break, which means I'll finally have time for all those projects I keep meaning to do and never have the time for. And just because I don't already have enough in mind, here are a few more I've been pondering...

Personalized decanter made from a whiskey bottle. I actually was just thinking about how to personalize a Maker's Mark whiskey bottle (you know the one I'm talking about? Drippy red cap?). I thought I'd spray paint the cap but that's really as far as I got...this is fairly fabulous.

Made from a street map, copied many times and cut out...I thought it would be cool to do one for each of the major places I've lived and put them in a line in a hallway...

Cheap, easy, beautiful.

This chair sells for approximately a million dollars at Anthropologie. I just saw a great hack involving wooden folding chairs, a staple gun, and fabric....I need one more chair for my kitchen table and this might do the trick.

I want to experiment with gold leafing something...

Wine cork bulletin board. Just as effective, and way more stylish (and wino-y.... ;)

This project is actually already in the works...I'm making it for my boyfriend for his birthday.

Think about this tray filled with pebbles plus...

gold spray paint! Glamorous, no?

They are selling garden stools just like this at Ross Dress for Less....for $30. I didn't buy one today cuz I don't really have a place for it and now I'm kicking myself...that's a sign you really need it right?

Circle cutouts + tissue paper = cheap art.

PVC pipe...tacky or graphically cool? You decide...

Oops, posted this twice and don't know how to delete on a Mac...whatever, flowers are pretty.

Which project do you think I should tackle first?

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