Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Emptying the ol' desktop again

Chicken wire. Frame. Clothespins. BOOM.

Best teal chalkboard color ever? I think yes.

Wire + industrial lighting + wood + interesting artwork = my style.

I want black polka dotted tights.

Michelle Armas. Favorite new artist. I'm obbssssseessssssssed.

It's just cute, that's all. Cool side table.

DIY Globes?

I did the multicultural influences...Morrocan, Mexican, cowboy, Asian, etc

Ok this room is ugly. But I like the IDEA of the cornices (is that what those are called?) over the roller blinds to make it snazzy lookin.

Miiiiiiiicheeeeeeeeellllllllle Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmas make me something and I'll have your babies. Or raise them. Or really whatever it takes to get one of these beauties in my possession.

Reading nook plus office plus library-style bookshelves. Mmmmmm.

Ideal pantry.

Someday, I'll design my own house. It will include the above pantry AND a window seat in my bedroom. Reminds me of the first house I lived in ever....Minnestooooolllllgia!

She MADE that lucite ottoman. WHAT?

Lovely (although not my style) headboard. I dig the Draper chest too. Like side table, not boobies, cuz that's weird and she's dead. Ahem.

Blue couch, please be mine. I would love you and treat you right, much better than your stupid owner with her stupid stereotypical foo dogs and clashing, ugly coffee table.

Also in my dream/future house, I will have a beautiful wooden staircase. Like so.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Wall + Sharpie + patience = this.

I've posted this before cuz it's fabulous, and I'm posting it again because I love that bottom artwork of someone falling. Effective negative space, I dig.

Trolley carts as shelving unit. Cute, practical, movable. Would be good in a bathroom or art studio for all your supplies.

So here's the zoomed out version of the living room I obsessed over last post. Seeing the whole thing together, I really don't like it as much. The curtains are ugly and the carpet reeeeeealllly doesn't do it for me...weird size, lame color use, etc.....but the closeups are still b-e-a-utiful!

Ikea spice racks as book holders. Genius.

Paint chip art.

Oldie but goodie idea. Mismatched chairs in unified color/fabric. I'm well on my way to making this happen myself, only need to find 1 more chair on the side of the road (I've already refabbed a road chair and a bench that was left by the last house occupants).

And....I like these mood boards. That's all.

I promise, someday I'll stop doing this. Until then, enjoy the visual candy I throw at you. And be GRATEFUL, bitches!


  1. What steps do you take to "refab" your chairs/bench?

  2. Depends on what the item is. If it's painted and the wood underneath seems to be good quality, usually I strip it with Citristrip, sand it, and restain it, putting a coat of poly on top. If it's painted and the wood isn't in good condition, I usually strip it, sand, and repaint (sometimes you can use spray paint, other times I hand-paint it). If it's wood and has a lot of dents, water stains, or other defects, I like to sand it down to the original wood and restain or paint it.