Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vinny's House Ideas

Inspiration ideas for the bf's house....cuz I can only live with dude decor for so long before getting the itch to spruce up the place

Easy DIY headboard: Paint plus tape

Downstairs, where they are installing a library shelving system, I think a chest with simple design and silver pulls would make a good bench with a cushion.

They have a long wall in their dine-in kitchen where I think an organized gallery-style wall would be the perfect place to display some of their artwork and beautiful travel pics.

Long versions of these would be a nice focal point of their entry

Rustic/industrial vibe would be good at their place

Vinny's room needs some shelving and I think he should cap it off like they do here.

Considering adding this to his collection of graphic art that I've gifted him

Annnnd I'd like to see this table made for their kitchen....except I'd do 2 different stains of wood instead of the white lacquer :)

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