Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Genius Rug DIY and other thoughts

Cool things I want to make/do:

Painted trivets make good potholders and cool art when not in use...wrap with string

Bottom right. I want it, and would paint the insets a different color than the rest of the piece. I'd use it as a TV stand, put dvds/equipment in the drawers, and blankets in the open spaces.

Easy wood planks, painted, hammer in nailhead/brad trim. Yum.

I'm considering buying this Premier Prints fabric for....something? Perhaps to cover a lamp shade? Might be hard to keep the lines straight unless you had a square shade...

Art idea I want to try: "In my most recent work, I paint on sheet plastic. When the design is complete, I press a stretched canvas onto the wet paint and pick up the design." Artist Cassandra Tondra

8 hours until I have to spit up 36 typed pages worth of biochem studying. Afterwards I'm doin something crafty, so I'm getting inspired now :)

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