Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shut it. I know I'm lazy.

My future house: open plan but use stairs to delineate specific areas?

I'm really into gold right now. Specifically that chair and that table. Both ridiiiiiiiic amounts of expensive. Siiiiggghhh.

Picture one from this house I'm OBSESSED with, by Roman Williams....when I design my house it will have a little room, with all-glass windows for walls, that is a tiny library. It will fit one comfy chair, lots of books, a footrest, a blanket, and a lamp.

Love the mix of textures in this office (RW pic 2). That chair is amazing!

RW pic 3: those dining chairs and the metal table. mmmmmm.

Last of the RW pics. I really should just move into this place (and add a little color). Nice vignette here.

Once, I saw a table at an antique store just like this except no drawer. It was a pie chest. It was beautiful, old and $30. I didn't buy it because I was moving to Utah, needed money, didn't know if it was the right height for my bed, and it needed some cleanup. I will forever kick myself for that decision, especially after seeing this!

Love that lamp. And you know I love me some tree stump side tables.

Silhouette art.

And again.

More open-plan ideas...I like the open storage of the countertop

Is this not the sexiest bedroom you've ever seen!? All it's missing is a fur throw. Looooove that wallpaper. and the gold lighting. And the studded side tables. And the lamps with gold insides with mirrors behind to throw more sexy light around.

Easy DIY. Google "US map outline/silhouette," print, and customize.

Studded walls instead of molding. More glamorous, but also more likely to drive my OCD-self nuts if the studs weren't evenly spaced/straight.

Love that light. I'd live here happily.

I like this all but especially that art. I wonder if I could make something like that.

I don't like the leather on the bottom, but I looooove the sexy leather strips on the otherwise somewhat boring chair.

When I have a porch I will paint the columns and fence white and put up bunting to make it seem like a party at my house all the time. Yep. I will.

Hot pink. Emphasis on haaaawwwwwt.

Hello little sofa chair. I will take you home and love you. And I won't let bugs crawl on you, i promise.

Cute little tables that cost a billion dollars and are the size of a throw pillow (no, really...ok they cost like $500 not a billion but it's the same difference to me so there). Maybe I can somehow make the Boy make me one at work? hmmmmm.

Paint. White Sharpie. Go.

Seeeexxxxy blue....this is what I wanted my table to look like, but turns out that's a really hard color to make happen. Oh well, next time.

K for the record I think that dressing little people like big people is creepy. But I do own most of the items on the blonde girl and will be recreating this outfit as soon as it warms up a little.

Ikea Rast dresser, tape, hot knobs. DO IT.

That color of blue does not make me unhappy. Not one bit.

That TABLE hot thang, be mine!

I've showed this pic before. I don't even really like the items individually (and I hate butterfly chairs). But I like them message the room conveys, like "hey you! Spring's comin! Drink your morning tea here and enjoy the birds chirping!"

Ugly room, too much clutter. But I do like replacing the window glass with mirrors that expand the space and make it seems bigger than it is.

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