Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Today's pretties

Someday, when school gets less crazy, I promise I'll stop doing bullshit posts of everything I like mashed together. someday.

As mentioned before I have a minor obsession with elephant tables. I like how they made a bigger coffee table out of 2 small elephants....easy peasy!

This is just good. That's all.

Since discovering that my boyfriend can get any 2D object laser-cut at his work, I've been obsessing over mirrors (post to come)....this one is pretty spectacular and FREE is much better than the gazillion dollars I'm sure this cost (from Z Gallerie)

Looooooove that dark murky teal. Pretty fabulous bar setup too. I tried painting a table this color this weekend....turns out the depth of color is pretty hard to replicate. I'll take pics's much brighter than this.

My vanity has this same top treatment--different color on the top

Don't you love the curvy black and gold goodness of this table?

Think I posted this before actually....still good.

Good play of textures/styles

Happy kitchen.

Good masculine/industrial side table to balance out the girliness of the room.

Clever poster....

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