Saturday, 11 May 2013

Remixing Wardrobe: Red skirt and patterned tank

Like I said in a recent post, I think that has been killing it recently. I just put in an order for two items from this past week's weekly wishlist, so I decided to virtually imagine how I'll be able to mix them into my wardrobe.

Luckily, the two pieces, a patterned tank and a flirty red skirt, play together nicely. So it's easy to imagine the two together, either at work with a blazer and briefcase, or as a more casual outfit with flat sandals and a fun bag.

New Clothes Two Ways

Each piece is really versatile on its own, too. The red skirt can be dressed up or down and paired with lots of fun colors:

Red Skirt 4 Ways

Top left: I'd wear this to a fun party--those shoes deserve to go somewhere special!
Top right: Lately I'm loving lavender and red together. I'd wear this to work with a white jacket or out to a nice dinner with my man :)
Bottom left: A couple boho-inspired items make the skirt casual. I'd wear this to a concert!
Bottom right: I actually bought this polkadot/giraffe shirt (I find it hilarious) and returned it...because I didn't think I had enough outfits/places to wear it. Stupidstupidstupid, I could wear it shopping with my red skirt!

The tank I bought is a fun mix of patterns and a flattering shape. I thought up a few ways I want to wear it:

Tribal tank 4 ways

Top left: Dress the shirt down with flat T-strap sandals (so much more chic than flipflops, and just as comfy!), cutoffs with lace, and some simple earrings and a bag.
Top right: Surprisingly, the fact that the shirt already has a couple patterns makes it even easier to mix with MORE patterns. Although these white dotted jeans are meant for skinny-minnies, not ladies with junk in the trunk like myself, I still want to wear this whole outfit out for drinks with the girls!
Bottom left: The tank can be easily dressed up for work with a white blazer, black heets, and black pants with a special accent stripe.
Bottom right: Casual skinny jeans, rolled on the bottom, look so cute with fun wedges. Cinch your waist with a red belt and add a studded tote, and you're ready for anything.

What do you think? How would you wear these pieces?

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