Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wedding Guest Attire: Remixing Wedding Clothes!

It's getting to be that time of year again when each weekend is filled with weddings, baby showers, or family reunions. Not only does travel to and from events become expensive, so does acquiring the wardrobe necessary for all of those functions.

So today I'm giving 3 examples of outfits that can be dressed up or down, so you're able to wear them to multiple functions.

This would be in my shopping bag SO FAST if I wasn't vehemently opposed to wearing things close to my neck...too claustrophobic!

Floral Dress: Black Tie and Beach Weddings

Black Tie Wedding option: Tone down the craziness of the print with simple, elegant gold and nude tones. Delicate earrings and bangles play up the femininity of the dress, and each of the items shown can transition easily to your everyday wardrobe as well.

Beach Wedding option: For a less formal affair, play up the boho spirit of this dress with a chunky gold ring, bright shoes, a fun headpiece, and a (so crazy cheap you won't believe the price) fun clutch. Flat t-strap sandals are another good option for casual weddings.

Next up, we have a pretty green number:

Green Dress Bachelorette/Baptism

Bachelorette option: Keep it simple, because after a few tequila shots who knows what could happen....the fewer items you start out with, the fewer you can lose, right? ;) The neckline on this dress is pretty enough to get away with just chandelier earrings, and wear a purse with a strap so you don't lose it!

Baptism: Going to church the day after the bachelorette? Never went to sleep in the first place? No worries, this dress can make it to both events with ease--although I don't recommend that ;) Nude heels and a lace cardigan are church-appropriate, and the earrings and clutch are a sweet touch.

Finally, our last contender is these wonderful floral pants:

Floral pants: Bridal shower/Bar

Bridal Shower option: Tuck this sweet yellow top into the pants and add a couple striped accessories for an easy-breezy shower outfit.

BAR: Because God knows that after seeing all your friends get hitched and have babies, you'll want a strong drink. Do a little fun pattern mixing with the leopard clutch, show you mean business with some hot black wedges, and finish it off with a sweet bow-topped bodysuit.

What are your go-to outfits for summer celebrations?


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