Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year everyone! Hope you spent the last parts of 2012 with good people, good food, and good times. I sure did!

I've never really been one for new year's resolutions, but this year I've decided to shake things up. 

During my time in grad school, my program director really drilled into us that for a goal/objective to be accomplished, you need to create actionable goals, not just abstract ones. Therefore, here are my resolutions and how I will put them into action:

1. Cook more/eat out less
My boyfriend and I are without a doubt guilty of the lazy-person's meal planning--"What do you want to eat tonight?" "I don't know, but I'm really hungry. Want to go to Cafe Med*?"

Actionable goal: A) Make a meal plan and go grocery shopping once a week so there's always something on hand. B) For every time I eat out, I plan to try a new vegetarian/gluten-free/"insert other specialty diet here" recipe.

Links to help: 

2. Drink more tea than coffee
I only started drinking coffee in the last 6 months or so, and while I do look forward to the perk-me-up and the ritual of a warm mug, I've found that coffee can make my stomach hurt early in the morning. Tea should help solve that problem!

Actionable goal: A) Salt Lake City has a surprising number of resources for yummy teas. I plan to try out new blends both locally and via Etsy, bringing stashes to work and at home, and just replacing my stores every time I'm running low!

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3. Learn to use a sewing machine
My boyfriend's mom brought us one of her old sewing machines about a year ago, and I've had grand plans to create all sorts of goodies for my house and closet ever since. Now's the time!

Actionable goal: A) Learn the ropes via online sources B) Practice on sheets/other cheap fabric first, then make curtains for our bedroom and basement.

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4. Spend less time on the internet
I'm 100% guilty of vegging on the couch with my computer for hours after work. Not no mo'!

Actionable goal: A) Slim down my blog reading list to those I truly enjoy and benefit from. Right now I follow a bazillion blogs and only really read a handful...getting rid of the clutter on my newsfeed should help streamline my viewing process! B) For every hour I spend on the internet, I'm going to try to go outside, play with my dog, actually accomplish a project I've pinned, or do some other physical or creative activity. C) My boyfriend and I are totally guilty of bringing laptops into bed and zoning out for a while...I plan to bust out a good book at night instead!

Links to help:

5. Floss more
Gross as it is, I absolutely hate flossing and do it rarely. Yuck!

Actionable goal: Every time I use my favorite facial scrub-as-a-mask, I'm going to floss while I wait for the scrub to work its magic. Since I'm trying to use the scrub 3-4 times per week, this should really help with my currently-practically-nonexistent flossing habits!

And that's my plan for a healthy, active 2013! Any of you have new year's resolutions to share?

*To be fair, Cafe Med is eternally delicious. It's on 33rd south and about 3rd east and I highly recommend it. Try the green or yellow curries, the gyro platter, moussaka, Turkish yogurt pasta, or....well anything on the menu is really so, so yummy. 

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