Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2 Reviews from the Wide World of Etsy

Hello all, back again with a couple of reviews of products I bought off the mesmerizing, strange world that is

First up, Barefoot Apothecary. I bought the Healing Cayenne & Ginger Penetrating Rub as a present for my boyfriend. He's a skier and always has muscle pains after a long day skiing, so I thought I'd give this a whirl.
Photo credit; The Barefoot Apothecary

The rub comes in a decent-sized tin, smaller than I was thinking but honestly a little goes a long way. I was expecting this rub to be a lot like IcyHot, where sometimes I can't handle just how hot it gets. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It's solid in the jar, but quickly absorbs into the skin with a nice warming sensation. I got a backrub out of the deal (gifts that are really for yourself are the best ;) and I really enjoyed it. 

The product is a light yellowy tan color (a lot like the moisture stick photo pictured below actually), and while I can't say that it really improved any aches or pains long-term, it feels so nice while you're rubbing it in that I don't even care. I actually got two more for presents for skiing friends of mine. It's a nice little product that I look forward to enjoying for a while!

The other product up for review is the Magic Moisture Stick by the Pure Apothecary. I actually haven't used this myself as I gave it to my mom, but she really liked it. She has perpetually cracked, dry heels in the winter, and all the reviews on the product were really positive so I gave it to her to try out.

Photo credit: The Pure Apothecary

The stick is heftier than the picture makes it seem with a nice amount of product in the tube. You just slide it over your heels at night and wake up to nice, moisturized skin. My mom said it has made a big difference for her, and she's tried EVERYTHING to help with her heels. If dry skin in the winter isn't your jam, this may help out :)


  1. The sore muscle rub sounds lovely:) You can find some great stuff on Etsy!

  2. I agree! It does the trick when you have a tight neck or slept on your back wrong :)