Friday, 18 January 2013

Birthday treats :)

Welp, I hit the quarter century mark this week, and not going to lie, it was a pretty lame birthday. It appears that the older you get and the further away from friends and family you live, the milder/sort of depressing your bday gets.

My sweetie and I went out to a very nice dinner at a yummy SLC tapas-style restaurant called Meditrina, which was fun, but other than that my birthday was just another day. I'm one of those people who gets really excited about all birthdays, but especially my own, so having such a mild celebration (to be very #firstworldproblems on you) kind of put me in a slump this week. I think I have cabin fever or something--it's been so grey, gloomy, and cold for so long!

Anyway, to help myself break free of my self-imposed negativity I'm engaging in two types of self-therapy. One, my friend and I are sending daily blessings to each other--acknowledgements of the gifts in our life, with a special focus on turning negatives into positives. For example: work has been stressful, but I need to acknowledge the blessing that I even HAVE a job, much less one that I normally really enjoy. Another blessing is that, although I'm feeling frumpy lately due to an eye inflammation that makes me wear my glasses rather than contacts, at least I have access to appropriate eye care and can afford said glasses.

Therapy number two is good old retail therapy. I gifted myself a couple of birthday treats, as seen below:

Birthday Treats!

I know, I know, shit's getting wild and crazy up in herrrrr--deodorant for a birthday gift! But hear me out--yesterday I went to a kalari class, which is a really amazing version of martial arts that incorporates a lot of yoga movements, and I noticed that my Bubble and Bee deo just isn't cutting it. So I went on the search for an all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant.

I've been eyeing the Etsy store Rainwater Botanicals for some time now and finally decided to pull the trigger on a couple products. After messaging the very sweet owner Sara, who gave me some advice as to which of her products may work well for my skin type, I purchased her Intensive Repair Cream for Face and Body as well as her deodorant (in lavender and sage, not spice as pictured). Both products have really great reviews on her site as well as the interwebs, so I'm excited to give them a whirl.

Another store that I've had pleasant experience with is Marble and Milkweed. I gifted her facial set to my best friend after a recent breakup, and my friend looooved the products! Briar, the lovely store owner, even set up a custom listing for me so I could try a sample size of her cleansing nectar before getting the full size. Briar sells other beautiful skincare products and her photography is so lovely I want to buy out the store! I also purchased the sampler pack of 4 of her teas--I can't wait to try the Fleurs + Cacao (pictured)!!

I apologize if this is a bit of a downer of a post, but I believe in keeping it real, and it didn't seem right to post a cheerful birthday post when I'm not really feeling that way lately. Hopefully I snap out of this funk soon--I'm sure these lovely treats will help me get back to my normal cheerful self :) Reviews will be posted once I've had a chance to try everything out, as well as a roundup of the lovely gifts I received from loved ones!

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