Friday, 28 December 2012

My Favorites of Apartment Therapy 2012

When I first got interested in interior design, Apartment Therapy was my go-to source for decor porn. Now that I'm more well-versed in the subject, I find myself visiting the site less and less. However, recently they've been posting their 'best of' each month for 2012, and I found myself being surprisingly inspired. Here are a few of the house tours that I loved best:

I love how the deep moodiness of their den (top) and nursery...

....are nicely counterbalanced by this lovely, light, bright living area. I also am taking notes on this living room because I'd like my house to feel calming and mostly neutral but with shots of color and textural elements.

Love me some tiny homes! I like the idea of two small coffee tables rather than one large one. And the color palette is perfect for relaxation!

What a great use of Ikea's wire to organize a magazine stash!

I would move in here if I could. Love the dark but bright colors, the ethnic vibe, and all the great art!

Grey and white paint nicely tempers brighter yellow and neon green. Looks put-together, simplistic, but still stylish.

Way to work those colors!

This home is best viewed as a whole, rather than a single shot. The whole place is lovely, with a unified color palette that weaves through the entire home and a tidy but bohemian air to it.

Great graphic wall statement and minimalist kitchen.

You know I love a dark, moody dining area, and also that the shelves can feature constantly-rotating works.

I'm currently plotting where I could create a similar look in my home. The horizontal furniture piece pairs so well with the layered frames and simplistic shelving!

Sarah and Matt's Expertly Styled Home
Warning: This is quite possibly my favorite tour of the year. So much goodness!

Great woven basket to store blankets, scarves, etc in the entry, plus the Ikea console table looks surprisingly chic in this setting!

Another great example of a mostly-neutral but textural living room.

What a genius little built-in work station, and I want that lucite stool!

Easy way to add a breakfast bar--just a wood plank and some brackets!

So what are your favorite Apartment Therapy tours of the year??

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