Saturday, 25 February 2012

Welcome to my humble abode!

It's been a while since I've shown you anything at my house, so I thought I'd do a full tour!

My tiny studio is one of 5 apartments in what must have been a single large house back in the day. The building is really old and charming. Here's the entry:

It's got a beautiful staircase leading up to my home, with a (nonfunctional) fireplace in the entry. It's very light-filled, and can you see that beautiful leaded glass window?? Love it.

Here's my 'entryway' aka the door to the main room of the studio apartment. It's tiny but miraculously fits everything I need. To the right of that blue chair is my bed and closet, then continuing 360 degrees is my sink, door to the bathroom, kitchenette area, and then back to this little desk area and the front door...not much to see!

Here's my bed and closet. My mom and I made the headboard, and I refinished the bedside table myself...used to look terrible but I fell for the beautiful blue glass :) I removed the door to the closet and put up a curtain as there's only about 6 inches between the bed and closet. I'm still waiting on my grey and white striped sheets to replace the purple ones...

Here's the other blue chair of the pair I snagged for $75 on Clist. And there's the Moroccany table I refinished (used to be a horrible black matte paint) with the tray top I bought at World Market and my favorite new candle. The carpet and linoleum are pretty terrible but the rest of the place makes up for it in charm.

As you can see there's not much space to move! That window lets in a beautiful amount of light thought, and I love the moldings around the windows and doors. I made the paintings above the sink and door to the bathroom. The green hamper was rescued from my grandma!

Here's the view inside that door:
Bathroom is actually very large for the studio size. I love the vintage tile, luckily, since I know a lot of people don't like their old-school bathrooms! I've had that aloe since my sophomore year of's looking a little sad right now!

I made the bird painting, the street seen I bought while studying abroad in Chile, and the blocks leaning on the black tile I bought with my mom...they say Luv You in letterpress :)

Here's the left of the door (I'm standing by the toilet). The bathroom also gets a great amount of light from the two windows, and there's plenty of storage for all my stuff under the sink and in the mirror (although I'm not big on lots of products, so maybe other girls would have a problem). I painted the sun painting on the left wall years ago--happens to match the tile well!

Dark shot but here's a view of how the shower fits in the room. It's a very roomy shower!

Shot from inside the shower....I refinished that dresser from its original Barney-colored state. I find that if I keep my jewelry out on display, I wear it more! The "Feel Beautiful" frame is a page ripped out of a magazine. I think it's a good reminder when you step out of the shower :) I still need to hang the Live Laugh Love plaque my best friend gave me!

Back outside the bathroom again:
Here's my tiiiiny kitchen area. I store food under the sink area, and all my pots fit in the tiny space between the stove and fridge. Thank goodness for the bookshelves to store all my school books and dishes! I also love pretty storage--the boxes on top the fridge store electronics and bills/statements/rent stuff/checkbooks. You can see the door behind my fridge--it's the one from the closet. Classy, right?

And now we're back to the beginning! I refinished the bench in front of the desk myself, and if you've been reading a while you know I also refinished the chairs. I love my little gallery wall because all my favorite people are pictured in one spot! Makes me less homesick while living out-of-state. The map image on the bottom left of the gallery wall is a present my boyfriend made me for our one-year anniversary. He's making it into a giant whiteboard at work, which I'll hang on the currently-blank wall between the entry door and the closet door.

So there you have it! I'm getting bored with my current setup though--any suggestions of things you'd change? Favorite moments? Least favorite moments? Tired of seeing my same stuff over and over? Do tell!

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