Saturday, 4 February 2012

What do you get...

What do you get when you mix this inspiration image:

...with this color palette:

...these pieces of fabulous furniture...

....some pretty extras...

...and a blogger whose best friend from high school is expecting a little boy in June?

One very chic (and expensive) nursery:

Since you're all rich 'n shit get your laquer guy to do the Malm (or another appropriately overly expensive snooty dresser) to laquer a dresser in a pattern similar to the inspiration image, Sherwin William Blue Peacock with SW Spicy Hue details and gold square ring pulls.

I want all of these things for myself. Except the nursery, hellllll no I'm not ready for a kid in my life. But so happy for my bestie! I love being an auntie!!

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