Saturday, 4 February 2012

Anthro yearnings

Last night I did something I very rarely take the time to do: went shopping just for the pleasure of it, with no list of errands I needed to check off or self-imposed time limit. I stopped by Anthropologie to see what latest beautiful (and over-priced) homewares they have for sale. I wasn't disappointed.

First up, this petite little stunner:

Grey linen, tufts, and its diminutive size would make it the perfect base for a girly little studio apartment (hmmmm....). Online I could only find the tangerine version, priced at $2,498 (blowing my studio idea because really, what person that lives in a tiny studio can afford that sofa? Not me). Although honestly, it was really really comfortable, which I was somewhat surprised by, and is made from nice fabric and instantly elevates a whole space. Could be worth the splurge!

Next up, I'd like to place this beautiful mercury lamp ($168) next to said pretty little sofa:

(sorry, blurry iphone pic). The lamp next to it ($298) would be fun in a kid's room!

As per usual, Anthro was displaying some trendy and beautiful fabrics...

...and yummy candles!
How pretty are these?!

Of course, as usual they had many products that could be easy (or not-so-easy but a fun challenge) DIYs selling for absurd prices. Three that I want to try include:

Not a terrible price but when you need several it adds up. I'd use glass jars from other food, stripped of their labels, spray-painted lids, and use chalkboard paint in similar design. I like the outlining of the chalkboard area they did here; makes it feel more finished/intentional.

Next up, this butterfly and floral lampshade ($88-148)
Not sure if you can tell from the pic but it's printed with the flowers and the butterfly is stitched on. I'm not a very good sewer but think this could be a fun project with a cheapo Target lampshade!

Lastly, these folding chairs with fun fabric (not found online):

Leave it to Anthro to take a basic, functional piece and jazz it up so it's completely chic. I'll have to keep this in mind for when I even have enough space for basic folding chairs!

Of course, the online catalog is much more extensive. To torture myself and my readers, here are a few more favorites:

Capri Blue mercury glass candle. This was gorgeous but honestly it smelled like shit.

I wanna replace my boyfriend's hand-me-down Ikea Lack coffee table with this beautiful Monarch coffee table.

I would like to design an entire nursery around this Finn rocker. it would probably involve elements such as these:

Do you see my vision??

Last but not least, my all-time favorite thing at Anthropologie:

Agadir twists rug. i mean seriously.

So of all the pretties to tempt me, did I walk away with anything? Sure did!

(I swear my place isn't always this depressing, the photos were taken at night!)
This pic makes me happy because it combines lots of my favorite things in my home: my consignment store Moroccan table base with World Market tray top, a wooden turtle bowl from my grandma that's filled with pictures of friends, my favorite most comfy blue chairs, my new fabric, and, of course, my most recent purchase, the yummy yummy Vanilla Fig candle with beautiful packaging. Gotta be honest, the smell isn't very strong when lit but it's so pretty I don't even care!

What are your latest purchases or lusts at Anthropologie??

All photos via, my iPhone, or my Pinterest

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