Thursday, 2 February 2012

Boyfriend's bedroom inspiration

I think most girls can sympathize with the effects of spending significant time at her significant other's--eventually, the dude decor gets you down. My boyfriend's room is painted beige with white trim, there is constantly dirty clothes everywhere, and his bed consists of tan sheets with a black comforter. It makes me sad. If I had my way, his room would look more like this:

Green and blue, floral, stripes, vintage, modern....yep I love this. However, obviously this would never fly at the BF's place. So I've been plotting smaller updates for his space. To look a little more like this:

Or this:

Obviously those two images are still really girly. So I'd need to combine the look with something like these:

Love the B&W frames of varying thicknesses

He has a kind of wide open space where there is currently a very ghetto desk. I want to remove it and install something more like this:

How would I do something like that? Well, I'd incorporate a few of these items:

Cuz I love my comforter. And green.

And these grey and white sheets, cuz I am still waiting for them to come in and can't get them out of my mind.

I've been spotting this Urban Outfitters director's table (not bad at $64!) and think they'd make cute bedside tables.
Then I'd scour Craiglist for a set of dressers to make over, buy some campaign hardware, and mimic Jenny from Little Green Notebook's dresser makeover:

Looooove the grey against brass/gold!

Of course, since I do spend quite a bit of time there, I'd need some girly token. And what's better than a pillow or curtains made of my new fabric??

Yep, I think so. This needs to happen.

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