Friday, 10 February 2012

Great new SLC store!

Hey everyone,
Lately I've been on a real fitness kick--life has been so stressful that I find myself going for runs or doing yoga just to get a break from it all. On today's run, I took a route I don't usually take and ran down 7th East, Salt Lake City. And what did I find but a cute little consignment shop with beautiful pieces and extremely reasonable prices. It's called Haight and Ashbury, located at 2219 South 7th East. Take a look:

Greeting you when you walked in were these adorable metal chairs with cheery cushions and this bedside table used here like a kid's play table. Chairs were $40 for the pair! I believe the table was $40 as well--what a steal!

I found a pillow for my honey that I didn't pull the trigger on--but I should have! Pretty grey felt ombre pillow for $12.

$125 for this nice-sized kitchen table. It already had a nice worn look to it--when my boyfriend gets home I'm going to try to convince him to buy it :)

This is a terrible photo but it was a beautiful dresser for under $200 ($140?) with the prettiest blue color and unique handles. Wish I'd seen this before the BF went to Ikea for his dresser :(

When I saw these pretty plates....
...I immediately thought of this inspiration image:

I've been really into the light pink/olivey green color combo lately. Think of this settee ($220!)...
...reupholstered in velvety green the color of the bottom plate, with light pink piping. Wouldn't it be adorable in a little girl's room?? Maybe with those pink chairs from the top image and a tea set on the blue (repainted white) side table...mmmm.

After leaving Haight and Ashbury, I ran to the Sugarhouse neighborhood, where of course I had to stop at another favorite second-hand store Home Again (2100 South 1019 East). Here are my two favorite things they have right now:

Bar cart, $42. I'd repaint it a more fun color, plus the wheel spokes were reeeeeeally shiny, so I'd maybe spray paint or gold leaf them. Would be a cute bar cart, or a place for all your makeup/perfumes/etc in a small bathroom. Someone go get this!

Last but not least, the items that are still preying on my mind:
If you can't tell from the terrible photo, they're salt and pepper shakers. They're triagonal, but what you can't tell very well is they're slightly twisted, making them really unique. I also like the one hole/three holes on the sides instead of the tops. I think they look more like sculptures than shakers--so pretty! Tag said $35 but the owner said she'd do them for $25. Still debating.

What do you think? Worth it for pretty sculptures, or a stupid price to pay for such a little item?

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