Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hump Day Dump Day

Hey, it's still Wednesday on the coast....

Haven't done one of these in a while. Here goes lotsa lovely!

Good use of the space, and looks homey to boot

I would do terrible things for this Anthro rug

Cute open shelving always gets me....

Still love this whole place. Turns out it's a model condo. So nobody even gets to love this place fo realz! So sad. I believe this photo was from Rue (?) One of the recent online mags anyway. Rue's latest issue, I thought, was pretty good but not great. My rant about Rue is that they need to know who they're targeting their magazine to. Mostly interior design bloggers, I'm assuming. And as one, I can say that I don't really give a shit about a bunch of hipsters having a picnic in the desert. I wanna see interiors! Likewise, I don't really care that the "Rue girls" (another phrase that irks me) had a big launch party in NYC and omg aren't they all so cute and having so much fun I got it after the first issue, you have fun at work and it's great, good for you. Just stop putting your face on every other page! K, rant over. Otherwise I think their work is lovely.

House of Fifty, I believe? I like the bronzey chippendale chair and how just little pops of pink really make this room come alive.

I'd live in this room in a heartbeat.

Sometimes it's the simple a great piece of art over a pretty dresser.

Again....simple pretty things.

Emily Henderson, come do my house. I'm ddddyyyyying for a pretty colored sofa (not that the new place can fit one anyway) and this tufted beauty would fit the bill perfectly.

What a great little library nook!

I like how the gallery-style art creeps over the door, like it has a life of its own

Window with mirror instead of glass....really opens up that space I think

Still love this Gary Spain room. He and......

........Rita Konig would make a beautiful house baby together, no?

Never met a tufted blue sofa I didn't love...


I like how the only color in this room comes in small doses so could be easily switched out (well, except for the Eames I guess)

Cheeriest kitchen EVER? Yes. I'm doing a similar fabric curtain in my kitchen!

Such a great room from Apartment Therapy. Love the vases of candles in the fireplace.

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  1. Love your collection of beautiful interiors especially that room by Emily Henderson! The place just oozes romance and chic, don't you think?