Tuesday, 9 August 2011

More small-space inspiration

I'm on vacation! But still thinking of things I could do to maximize space in my new tiny studio. Here goes:

Mirror + doily + frosted spray paint. Pretty!

Still debating if I want to paint a canvas rug to make the floor less dark...if I do, I'm planning on the white/gray zebra look

Like so!

So the inspiration of this pic is really cuz it tricked my eye the first time, but I was thinking that in a studio, you could use a pole of some sort to adhere a painting to and use as a small visual separator between living zones? Does that make sense?

I want to cover all my textbooks with wrapping paper or paperstock like this....makes everything a little more cohesive

I like the subtle white-on-grey look here, and how there's a surprise color splash inside. I need a dresser for my bathroom and something like this would look great!

I like the custom paint job on the bedstand....the headboard is pretty fantastic too. From Live Like Yourself.

Another idea for a paint job on my as-yet-unpurchased bathroom dresser

I have very little space between my two blue chairs but the space needs a side table. A skinny little guy like this would work well.

I like the shelving here, how they line up on the right side but the bottom one is longer so there's space for a larger painting.

Such a fun printed ottoman in an otherwise neutral space.

I want to use some of this on a leaded glass window to use as an entryway mirror

Pretty open storage from IKEA

I like all of this, from Anna Spiro, but especially that printed chair and the coffee table shape.

Easily movable shelving unit...

These mirrors would cost $12 total at Target, and look beautiful as-is

Can't find a shower curtain I like...so maybe I'll paint some of my own?

I'm such a sucker for mirror-front cabinets in a small space

Lucite is a great small-space visual trick

What are your favorite tips and tricks in a small space?

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