Sunday, 14 August 2011

DIY Day: Build It

It's been a while since my last DIY Day post, so here are a collection of projects you could build

Dog bed from a side table

Drill bit + block of wood + votives

Another take on the same idea

This isn't executed very well, but the general idea is interesting.

Wood pallate + wheels + glass = rustic large coffee table
Can also go pretty, soft, and girly!

And another look!

I think this etagere would be prettier with a collection of glass items on it....but I like the symmetry

I want my bf to make this for me at work SO BAD....but I have nowhere to hang it at my place!

I love the picture ledge in this dining room.

I'm a fan of the open glass-front shelving and the little details in the foot corners

On a similar note, here's a little extra detail to spruce up glassfronts

In a studio apartment, you need to bounce light and create zones. This screen accomplishes both aims.

I like the quilt hanger

Pretty jewelry display

I'm obsessssssed with little Moroccan tables...I like the blue inside of this one

Old trunk + legs/base = bar cart height
Same idea, different gorgeous table

Jenny from Little Green Notebook added the curved tops to these IKEA bookshelves to make them look custom. Love it!

I like that tiny little table with all the wood cutouts

Mirror-front furniture = My biggest obsession

Pretty take on a pinboard

Open shelving at its prettiest

Table from wheel and ornate door....pretty!

Fireplace mantel-turned-bookshelf makes an easy DIY focal point in any room

In a small space, you need to utilize every square inch. Here's a great bench that doubles as a mini work station

I like this graphic candle-branch wall piece

Daybed via a crib minus one side....good for small-place style!

You know I can't pass up nailhead and pretty wood....kinda defeats the point of a headboard tho if it's all hard and not comfy?

Large wall covered in wallpaper and frames brings color into a space even if you can't paint

Looking at all this prettiness makes me want to get home to start reworking my new studio!!

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  1. So many wonderful ideas and inspirations! Love that pinboard idea and the bench/mini work station combo!