Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Casa de Valentina

Found a new blog: Casa de Valentina, a Portuguese blog with the most beautiful images. See below...

Looks like a room a very chic woman on a tight budget could put together.

I've really been digging the ethnic vibe in rooms lately...I like the muted color palate hear (did you ever think you'd see those words on my blog??)

Large vase full of wine corks....looks artsy and interesting (and slightly alcoholic....)

Again with the ethnic/boho vibe and muted color palate, I'm into the middle photo here with the dining room

I like the muted colors but crazy pattern of this couch...makes the whole room perkier.

Graphic, and I love the navy blue plus bright pink! :)

Cool bar cart :)

Suitcases on luggage racks as tables :)


Easy way to build an office: two bookcases with a space for a desk in between...I like that the chair faces out too

Looooooove this table and the suitcases for storage underneath!

Good hits of color throughout the just looks comfy :)

Same deal here...comfy and inviting. I want to live there, which is always a sign of good design in my book.

I love this kitchen! Lotsa white, display shelves on the island, cute metal chairs, enough color that it's not boring, etc.

My mom is redoing her kitchen and I thought this was a good idea...wipeable wallpaper as a backsplash to add a little color/pattern.

I've always liked these chairs but thought they looked a little cold. With the wood tones and the multicolor pillow cushions I think they look vintage and homey

Not sure what I really like about the image on the right....probably the curvy kitchen table (I love me some French provincial tables)....

Colorful, inviting, and a bit boho glam....everything I'm digging right now, really

Again with the ethnic rug....I guess when I like something I really like it!

I'm trying to figure out if there's a way I can make this table for my boyfriend out of his old trunk...I like that it has the trunk-look but is easier to clean around and is a bit modernized as well. (this pic is actually from Craigslist)

So there you go! What do you think of my new favorite website?

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