Friday, 18 February 2011

New blog format plus links

As you may have noticed, my posts lately haven't really had themes. I've taken to saving everything that inspires me each day to my desktop then just making a big post of all those things....all my favorite pictures of the day in one post. Maybe someday I'll return to a more organized format but this is quick and saves all my pics in one spot...for now at least.

Trunk + pillow = seat/storage

Caitlin Creer the pattern

The piping on this couch makes it that much more tailored, and I like how the x-benches in the background have contrasting piping too

The positioning of the furniture is awkward here, but I like the pieces themselves. I'd switch the chairs and the couch then center the back console between the door and wall. Stellar lacquer table though.
I'm into that rug...
Jayson Home and Garden Coco it. Pricey but beautiful and versitile, style-wise. Could go modern, traditional, even eclectic with the right pillows/throws. mmmmm..
Jayson Home and Garden Graham sofa. More traditional....but so so pretty. Any room would instantly become tailored with this sofa.

I'm not really sure why I like this room so much....probably the doors leading outside and the big beautiful window sills. I also like the pairing of an older house with modern gray walls, gold, and a lucite table. Still on the fence about the metallic cowhides though.

Speaking of cowhides....this room is fairly fabulous and could be more so with the addition of a few metal accents. Love the bar setup!

I know I've posted this before but I ran across it again and still love it. Eclecticism at its best.

Simple yet glam office.
So so pretty! Love the gold plus teal. Instantly lifts any room to star status. I'd put a bar on top I think.

Color the attitude of this pic is just great :)

Pretty painted floors. Funny though, I just tried painting a bench almost the exact same color and hated it...

I think the pillows stacked under the console table are genius. I'd make the pillows all different colors/patterns but unite them with the front tie...great for when you don't have company over to save space, yet provides lotsa comfy seating when you do!

This is just beautiful.

Picture on the left strikes a chord somehow. Beautiful. Would make an awesome centerpiece at a wedding if you made it a little more collected.

Also, some links that I want to remember:
The Home Centric etsy shop for gorrrrrrgeous, fairly inexpensive pillows
Butter by Nadia, for convertible bridesmaid dresses that come in several beautiful colors Missa's blog

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