Thursday, 10 February 2011

More DIY inspiration

Made using a dropcloth and projector

Another chic example of using an army cot for a table....I like it with the trays on top better though

I want to have Vinny make me a jewelry tree similar to the one third from the bottom....ohhh the perks of dating a graphic designer :)

Cute dresser...easily made with the unfinished Ikea dresser, can't remember it's name though.

I like using this card catalog to section off the room. I wouldn't do it like this (I think it makes the room cramped) but it would be good in a long room where you were trying to break up zones. Lots of designers use chaise lounges to do that...I think this would be a fresher and more functional option.

Painted, striped floors would be great in a kid's playroom someday.

Love this 'love' headboard made from reclaimed fence planks. I wonder if it's scratchy/snags their linens though?

Tray made out of large picture frame...I'm thinking of making one for my boyfriend so we can watch movies on his computer in bed without it overheating :)

Romantic yet graphic. I like it.

Not so much a DIY, I just really like the boho/comfy feel of this feels pleasantly lived-in!

One last thing: I've seen people paint the edges of their doors a different color, like a hot pink or bright green, and I like that it lends a little happy color surprise. Since I rent I can't do that, but I thought maybe you could find colored duct tape and put it on the edges? Just a thought...

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