Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pretty Things I Discovered Today

I didn't have any class today and my boyfriend is out of town...aka I was super productive today and still had time to peruse my favorite design blogs :) I also worked on several pieces of furniture for my house (3 projects going at once, yikes!), maybe I'll post before and afters if they turn out the way they are in my head (if only...). Anyway, here's what I found to be pretty today:

Bright Bazaar posted these images from Zara Home...if only they shipped in the US. I'm loving the blue of the trunk with the brass--I'm trying to do a similar color combo on a coffee table currently. The silver side tables are pretty awesome as well.
I can't even describe how beautiful I find this artwork. I forgot to write down the artist's name and I'm kicking myself!

Suitcases under a bed make nice, pretty-to-look-at storage

I know this pic is all over the web but I still love it. Makes the dirty/worn floors seem more intentional.

Turns out has these chairs for like $174 for two....unfortunately even that awesome deal is out of my price range but I am really loving the look.

High Gloss magazine debuted this week and gave us this beautiful kitchen to drool over. I think those are the same pendants as in Made By Girl Jen Ramos' them!

This is really just to prove the point I made last post...that a library card catalog could be an awesome room divider!

I've seen lots of variations on painting staircases but I like how personal this could be, if you put lyrics from meaningful songs or your favorite sayings.

This would be a good, easy gift to make for the winos in your life...I'm talking to you, Chile people!

Loooove this kitchen table...I wonder how they did it? It's like a chicer version of what I did to my table. I also like that turquoise buffet....not so crazy about the grandma-esque red wallpaper though...

So that's what inspired me today!

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