Thursday, 10 February 2011

2 rooms I can't get enough of

The below two images have been seen on probably every interior design blog EVER (including mine)...for good reason. Every time I run across them on another blog I notice something else that I love. Here, I'll show you....

Things I love:
  • The blue zebra curtains that are a wild pattern but somehow come off calm (perhaps because they're paired with an even-more-wild wallpaper?)
  • the little bedside table. I love ring pulls (I think they always look classy), plus today I was thinking about how you could easily DIY this from an Ikea dresser/bedstand. I'd do it for my boyfriend, paint it black, then paint the edges of the doors and the ring pulls white (see how the drawers kind of look how they were edged in black? That was my inspiration :)
  • the multitude of colors that are in this room without being overwhelming or matchy-matchy.
  • The gold frame that picks up the gold at the base of the blue lamp
  • the cane-backed white chair
  • the simple linens (anything patterned or colored would be too much here)
I'd love to see the rest of this room!

Things I love in this room:
  • The giant framed wallpaper. You could frame this in pretty easily by using decorative floorboard...I like this option since I'm renting and can't wallpaper (actually, also because I don't like permanent wallpaper...I think it's too much work when I tend to change up my decor frequently).
  • The coffee table that could be an easy DIY...get legs from Home Depot, some MDF and batting, and a pretty fabric and voila! If you want to get real fancy you could use buttons for a tufted look...
  • The mismatching pillows that bring hits of color
  • the metal filing cabinet used as an end table....would be even better painted (hot pink perhaps? Gold?)
  • The modern couch with the more traditional/fancy chandelier and chair

I think the reason both of these rooms work so well is because they are layer after layer of goodness....something I'm trying to work on in my own duplex :)

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