Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My first design project!

Wow haven't posted in a while. In the meantime, my brother bought an adorable house and I get to help design the interiors! :D It's a cute little stucco, 100 years old but renovated inside with the most gorgeous wood cabinets and crown molding and a tiny little breakfast nook and really really charming windows and a big window seat in the living room.....I love it.

Kyle's moving in on his own but has a long-time girlfriend, Wendy, so we need to take into account her design ideas as well--can't be an overly manly bachelor pad I guess! Here are some ideas I have for him:

He likes pretty simple, clean things so I'm thinking to spice things up a little he is gonna need a lotta textures, like the beautiful bed above.

This goooorrrrrrrgeous mission-style table is pretty much a must. It matches the design of the house.....and it's just pretty.

His house is pretty small so space-savers and things to visually open up the space are going to be clutch. I'm thinking he should have an armoire like this one in place of a full-on entertainment center. That way all the dvds, etc can fit in one place plus you won't have the visual eyesore of the TV when you're not watching it!
I like these accent pillows in all the colors. I think this leather couch is beautiful too but pretty sure he'll want cloth. I'm thinking a deep chocolatey suede?
Lastly, he has a lot of really pretty windows and I want to keep the space well-lit with natural lighting, so maybe these linen-type shades would do the trick? I also like the calming feel of this bedroom...
Anyway, gotta clear this with the big bro.....he doesn't move in until August so I suppose we have time.... :)

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