Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My Dream House: Bathroom Edition

I realize that a big beautiful home like my dream home would have multiple bathrooms. However, the bathroom is one area of the home that really does not interest me in the least. Therefore, in general here's a post of how a bathroom should look in my eyes.

Another strange thing about bathrooms for me is that they are one of the only places where I would choose serene decor over cheery and colorful. So enjoy this departure from previous posts:

I want a big old steel tub that sits on the floor. It would be hooked up to a shower so it's multi-purpose, but I just really love the look of this one.

I want this cool glass that has water constantly running through it. Either this, or once at a bar the bathrooms had this glass that was clear until you locked the door, then it turned cloudy. That was pretty acceptable too...

I like the really simple appeal of this sink. Not too practical, I realize, but the idea of it is nice...

And while I personally would need a large vanity, perhaps the idea below would work in a guest bathroom: I love the idea of not having a mirror in the bathroom. Maybe you could put one inside the "You look marvelous" chalkboard so it's still useful, but really, who needs that early-morning shot to the ego?? :)

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