Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Dream House: Living Room Edition

So I'm not quite happy with what I've pulled together for the living room, probably because it's the room I spend the most time in and therefore am most picky about. But here's what running through my head currently:

Kick things off with a big, comfy couch. I'm a bigtime napper, so somewhere I can stretch out with a cozy blanket is a must. Probably wouldn't get it in a bright green, though--I'd do something neutral like beige or a warm brown and then punch up the color quotient with bright fun pillows....I have a bad pillow addiction!

For the entertainment center, instead of something cold, I'd go with something like this. Maybe it could be redesigned to have a shelf unit in the middle somehow for the dvd player, etc. But I like this simple option and its clean lines to store all my dvds and equipment.

I don't really watch a lot of TV, so I like this option for over the entertainment center...mount the TV to the wall and put a sliding panel over it so when you aren't watching TV, it becomes a part of the wall.

Then I'd put some cool, colorful artwork over the panel so the room is always interesting! I love big giant oversized works, but this smaller was is pretty stellar too.

Cute display for my pillow addiction...I'd also use something like this to house all of my various blankets that I love to cuddle up in...

Throw un a giant swoopy lamp to read by....

Personalize the space with some cool artwork....

Add a wall of paintings and pictures to further personalize the space. I especially like the look of the overlapping paintings on a shelf and then continuing to the floor.

Then, because I change my mind about my decor so often, in order to incorporate some pattern I'd frame wallpaper panels like this--this paper is ugly so overlook that, but I like the basic idea of being able to easily change up your wallpaper.

Throw in some home-y touches like a collection of glass jars and a bright yellow telephone...

And if there's space in the room for it, I like a modern/rustic fireplace to curl up in front of. I have memories as a child of watching the fire on Christmas eve....
And that's what I have for now! Still not quite satisfied with it....but it'll do for now :)

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