Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My Dream House: Kids Room Edition

Kids rooms should be fun, cheery, and a place for their imaginations to run wild. Therefore, in my dream kid's room, I'd start off with a slightly less vibrant shade of this orange:

I'd cover one of the walls with blackboard paint so the kids could draw on the walls, no problem.

I like the rustic simplicity of this daybed, plus the fun cluster of poofs and lanterns on the ceiling.

For storage, add in a shelf with a colorful collection of large baskets where they can put their toys (dream world, remember?). A shelf filled with fabric-covered Clementine boxes is a nice cheap alternative, especially since kids tend to destroy things so a DIY option might be smart...

...and a fun place to hang clothes, like this mismatched tree

Even lighting can be fun in a kid's room. Take this funky pendant light, for example....

....and these lanterns made from food cans.

A fun mirror brings lightness into the room too. Although a full-lenth mirror would be better, for all the times you play dressup and want to see the beauty of Mom's favorite lipstick all over your face.

A nice last touch is this children's rhyme on the wall.

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