Friday, 10 July 2009

My Dream House: Exterior edition

So I'm going to have to slowly add to this post as we go along...

Someday, in my fantasy-world future, I will build my own house. And here is a sampling of the elements I will include in said fantasy house:

Exterior: I'm gonna have me a big, beautiful craftsman-style front porch. Big enough for a porch swing and a couple of rocking chairs. Dog and lemonade requisite, of course.

Behind the house will be a 3-seasons porch, which I will decoratewith comfy, colorful pillows and throws, pretty rugs, and a metal bench or two where I can sit to take off my adventure-loving Converse AllStars:

In the backyard I'll have a big picnic table, which I keep covered in a summery blue cloth with brilliant yellow flowers at all times.

Dining al-fresco after dark? Not a problem. I'll just hang a bunch of lanters--some filled with flowers, obvs--and place candles all around and on the table for a little mood lighting.

The backyard will also have a patio (coming off the 3-season porch, natch) where I can put this enormous chair to snuggle with friends after our nighttime picnics together. Pool table optional--after all, it DOES rain sometimes, even in fantasy-world.
Tune in tomorrow for a look inside my fantasy home! :)

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