Monday, 13 July 2009

My Dream House: Entryway Edition

Every pretty house deserves a pretty entryway. Here are some ideas I'll incorporate in mine...

Isn't this just so welcoming and soothing? I like the pretty wood of the side table and the modern mix of blue shades and clear glass lamp bases. I'd probably fill that basket (or two....or four) with shoes, mittens, scarves, etc.

On the other side, I'd recreate my own custom bench made out of two repurposed chairs and a beautiful old headboard that I'd found in a dusty old corner of an antique shop.

Maybe if there's space I could make a creative coat rack like this one....

....but if there isn't space, these cheery, modernist hooks suit my sensibilities as well.

I think above the DIY bench is the perfect spot for a wall collage of artwork and photos, don't you think?

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