Monday, 13 July 2009

My Dream House: Kitchen Edition

So part two of the series. My Dream Kitchen, see below for all the goodies....

I love the modern yet rustic appeal of these cabinets. YUM. And I like the idea of having one or two of the cupboards fronted with glass to show off all my prettiest pieces from my grandmothers.

Someday, I WILL have this table. Love the mission/craftsman style in such a pretty stain.

I'll set the table breezily, as shown below. Pitcher filled with wildflower is required, of course.

I'm thinking I'd go more with a deep purple setting though, perhaps with pops of yellow or orange?

That way, I could use THIS elaborately overdone, colorful chandelier over my dining table....

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of my wedding dishes being Fiestaware....yeah, I was a strange child, so sue my imaginative soul. Anyway, as long as I'm going purple, I might as well indulge that fantasy and pile in the whole fiestaware collection to fulfill my penchant for color:

Maybe the chairs could have cushions in a pretty, colorful striped pattern like below?

I'm a person who likes to A) Keep lists and B) Easily change her decor. Therefore, blackboard paint is a perfect solution for me. While I've seen variations on this from painting entire walls to painting trim or fridge fronts, the option I like best right now is painting a piece of furniture. I'm thinking I'd get a long credenza to store pretty dishes in the dining room, then paint it with blackboard paint. So cool.

Finally, to bring an extra hit of the nerd inside of me, I'd use labeled test tubes for my spices and oh, perhaps even a salt and pepper shaker set with a set of science-y humor to top things off.... :)

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