Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rainy Day inspiration

So instead of the beautiful sunny skies I enjoyed the last time I blogged, it's been pretty rainy and dreary in my area lately. And just what does that mean? I spend more time inside poring over design websites. It also means that I get in a very crafty mood and want to work on some DIY action. Here's a compilation of things I'm contemplating attempting currently:

What I love about the photo above and the one below is that they utilize items that everyone owns but those which are rarely used. I have all sorts of pretty dishes, vases, and cups that never get used because they are for 'company'--but when 'company' comes over it's my friends and they just use my regular dishes! So here are two options for using those pretty, pretty items in a way that you get to enjoy more than twice a year :)

I really like the way that the picture below turns your jewelry into wall art. It's easily changeable yet practical--gosh you really can't go wrong with that combo :)

Being a huge biology nerd, I smiled when I saw this clever use for a test tube rack. I might just have to ebay this. Or steal it from the bio lab? That's probably not frowned upon, right?
PrettyPrettyPrettyPrettyPretty! Lately I've been loving the look of opulent chandeliers in a modern home but can't actually afford one. This wire basket, candles, and drop crystal option is easy enough to make and satisfies my craving. I think this will be the next project I tackle. PS there are always wire baskets like this one at thrift stores--dig around a bit and you can find some good fixer-uppers.
Now these last four all have a theme: Cool paint drips that, while I currently am not allowed to paint the white walls of my duplex, have had me pondering alternative options for a while. Here's the picture that got me started thinking:
I just think that it looks so pretty dripping down the wall like that. This could potentially be cool in a kid's room or a nursery....yellow paint in the corner of a wall could make a unique sun in a mural?
I love pretty much everything about this picture, especially the saturated colors, but what really gets me is the artwork. Basic modern painting that looks that much cooler with paint dripping down from the top.
So as soon as I have my own place, I think I'll play around with something like this. The appeal of this one is the multi-color hues. Also I like that the paint is on top and it's plain down below--usually painting is done oppositely. Is that a word? Anway....I like it.
Last but not least, while I don't generally really like chairs or anything about the time period shown here, design-wise (other than that beautiful chandelier) I like how the designer brought some humor to the stuffy, pretentious chair by flinging paint all over it, Pollack-style. Now THIS is a chair I could see in my home.
Anyway, if I ever actually get around to it I'll post pictures of my creations. Until then, hope you were inspired by my rainy day musings, even if it's sunny and seventy wherever you are!

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