Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My Dream House: Master Bedroom Edition

Aaaaand my favorite part of the house to design: My bedroom. As with the livingroom, because this area of the house would get heavy useage, I'm not quite happy with everything I've picked out here, but hey, if it's a dream home, it'll change as I get new ideas, right?

I'm going for a somewhat dreamy, sophisticated room that I really relax in .

Here's the color palette I'm thinking of:

Pretty pretty elegant purple with grassy green for accents.

I also like this darker eggplant-y color....a whole bedroom painted this color might be a bit much, so maybe I'd stick to accents in a darker purple too.

I've been in love with this Tord Boontje light fixture since the second I found it. Against the dark walls, I would probably get it in the white casts the most beautiful shadows!

A big white armoire is a necessity for all my clothes.... is a giant, slightly ridiculous mirror. I don't usually like super girly or Victorian styles, but this really really appeals.

I really like the simplicity of this headboard with the one beautiful photo....
But I also adore the idea of using a tapestry or giant cloth from my travels as a headboard. Maybe I can combine the two ideas somehow?

Lately when I visit antique stores I've been really into antique handkerchiefs. Maybe I should start a collection and display them like this over my windows....

I want to keep the room clutter-free, but I have a lot of books, so I like this idea of putting a shelf over the door to reduce clutter.

For bedside tables, I like these simple shelves. They could fit a tiny little reading lamp and whatever book I was reading at the time, plus an alarm clock and not much else. I'd probably have to make space for the old letterpress blocks I just found, though....I like how the letters are displayed on this one actually.

A comfy couch to sit on when I put on my shoes and a shelf for displaying meaningful photos is a must, of course. I like everything about this picture except those pillows...
So now all that's lacking really is a rack to place clothes on as I try stuff on in the morning and take it off at night, and a vanity to hold my jewelry, perfume, etc. Still on the hunt for those....
So this pretty much wraps up my dream home. Hope you enjoyed....I know I would if I actually lived there :)

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