Thursday, 11 April 2013

Winter Beauty Regimen

It seems like right when I've figured out a great routine for my winter skin, the weather starts changing on us. So for any readers heading into winter now (or for myself as a reminder next year... ;), here's what is working really well for me in the dry, cold temps of winter:

(see below for product reviews/links)

Winter Beauty Regimen

All of these products have been shown on this blog before in various stages of my search for the right regimen for me. But only in the last couple of weeks has this routine really clicked for me.

For reference:
Face: dry skin but prone to breakouts. Pale, burns easily then tans
Hair: Blonde, fine but lots of it, prone to greasiness/limpness with the wrong products, not frizzy or easily tangled, dries pretty straight
Body: Dry skin, no problems with eczema, rosacea, etc.
So hopefully that helps you determine whether the products I use may work for you too!

Shower Time: Lately I've just been using the Acure shampoo every time I shower, with ACV as a rinse every other shower or so. Then when I step out of the shower I apply Acure's body lotion, plus a bit of sweet almond oil on my really dry spots. I love my Rainwater Botanicals deodorant--can't say enough good things about the lavender scented one.

Day Time: 
On days I've showered, I apply the vitamin C serum to my damp face. If I didn't shower, I spritz my face with the Andalou toner then apply serum. Next is the Andalou moisturizer (it's from their clarifying line and I like it a lot--it's a bit mattifying--but I probably won't repurchase for winter as it isn't quite heavy-duty enough). Then I add a drop of sea buckthorn oil to my sunscreen to help it glide better/moisturize more, which has really helped past issues with this being a stickier sunscreen.

Night Time:
I keep it pretty simple. Cleanser, 2 drops of sea buckthorn oil, wait a minute, apply Badger's beauty balm.

Makeup Time: 
I wear very little makeup anymore, especially now that my skin has improved so much. When I do, I cover up acne or hyperpigmentation with my concealer, dab on some blush, and put on some mascara. Done.

Mask Time:
I use one of these masks or the other about every other day. I use the Aztec clay mixed with ACV about once a week on my Tzone, and every other day or so I use the ubtan scrub mixed with whatever liquid I'm feeling at the time. Sometimes I even mix the pumpkin mask together with the scrub and leave it on while I'm showering. Other times I use the pumpkin mask alone (I find that it makes my skin so so soft and doesn't strip it at all!)

Will I use this routine again next winter?
Yes and no. There are several products that I have really loved and will reuse, such as:

  • Sibu sea buckthorn oil
  • Acure shampoo (not really a seasonal thing for me anyway)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (My favorite is Braggs' With the Mother)
  • Badger's beauty balm
  • Rainwater Botanicals deodorant
  • Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Mask
  • Skin Apotheke Ubtan Scrub
  • Eye Kandii blushes (as long as you're willing to wait a while for them to arrive)
  • Oh Sudz concealer
There are several products I don't plan to repurchase, mainly because I've found that they are each too drying for my skin. These products include:
  • Andalou Naturals Kombucha Cleanser: I think this is just too drying for my skin. I've been using it about every other day (on the off days I've been using a sample of a new line that I'm beta testing called Linden Beauty--can't wait for them to debut their products!). If you have oily or normal skin this is probably a great cleanser for you--it does its job well and removes makeup like a dream.
  • Aztec Secret Healing Clay: This comes in an enormous jar for like four bucks, so I'll probably still have product left next winter, but I'm not planning to repurchase afterwards. Again, it does its job terrifically--my pores are so much clearer after using it--but it is pretty harsh on my dry skin. I've taken to just applying it to my clogged areas like Tzone. Those with less-dry skin would probably greatly benefit from this though.
  • Mineral Fusion mascara: This isn't a bad mascara, but all it really does is darken my light-brown eyelashes. I don't get any lengthening/thickening benefits, so I'm planning on trying out some other options. Top of my list: 100% Pure's fruit mascara and Physicians' Formula's natural option in the green tube.
  • Acure's body lotion: I think this will be a great lotion for spring/summer, but it's just not moisturizing enough for me in the fall/winter. They have an "ultra moisturizing" option now that I may try next winter, and I may repurchase this for the summer.

The remaining products from my winter regimen are products that I'm on the fence about, including: 
  • Andalou toner: I really like this toner and it's a great price. However, I personally never really see that much of a difference in my skin when I do and don't use toners. On the other hand, I like to dampen my face before using my oils and if you're going to do that, might as well use something with beneficial properties rather than just water right? Anyway, I think this toner would serve just as well as many others, so I'll probably only repurchase if it's on sale.
  • Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum: I love how this product glides easily onto my damp skin and absorbs quickly. I'm just not sure how much of a difference it's making. I still haven't been using it that long, so once I use it up (the bottle lasts forever!) I'll probably not reorder for a few weeks and see if my skin is negatively impacted by not using it.
  • BurnOut sunscreen: I've repurchased this sunscreen already, so clearly I like it a lot, especially now that I'm mixing in a drop of sea buckthorn oil. However, it DOES still in hair like eyebrows easily and leaves a white cast for a few minutes, and when my much-hairier boyfriend uses it, it doesn't absorb at all in his beard or arms/legs. So I want to try out other options, like Devita's sunscreen that so many natural bloggers rave about. I'll keep this in my back pocket if none of the other options work out well though!

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