Thursday, 18 April 2013

Goin' to the Desert!

Something that I may not ever have shared on this blog is that I'm an avid outdoor adventurist. Living in Utah, some of my favorite hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, and canyoneering. This weekend, I'm very very excited to take a mini-vacation with my man and a large group of friends to go to Escalante Petrified Forest State Park!

Since it IS a desert in early spring, packing can be a challenge. Here is the gist of what I'll be brining with me:

Goin' to the Desert!

1. I've professed my love for these Gap Motion tanks before, and the love has not abated since. They're the perfect base layer for the desert--breathe easily, are soft, and don't move around when you do!

2. Given the whole desert-in-the-spring thing, layers are a must. I personally prefer to wear spandex capri-length leggings to traditional hiking pants/shorts--they breathe really well, dry easily if wet, keep you warm enough when it's chilly, but are easily pushed up your legs if it's hot!

3. I love wearing thin half-zip long-sleeve tees over my base layer. This one will keep you just the right temperature, and they ball up into a tiny little space in your pack if you get hot!

4. Featured here is the Mammot jacket my boyfriend gifted to me for Christmas--I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this jacket is! Keeps me nice and toasty when it's chilly, packs up SO TINY (I wear this to the airport all the time for that reason--easy to stow in my 'personal item' bag). On cold nights I even wear this to bed because it's so thin, comfortable, and warm. LOVE.

5. I have similar Merrill hiking shoes and they're great. They aren't too heavy, don't cause blisters, and have enough grip on the bottom to get me in and out of slippery areas.

6. Kelty makes great day packs! I love that this one is designed for a woman's form. The pocket on the waistband is great for your camera, and this has both top-and-bottom access to the central pack (makes it easier to grab stuff from the bottom of the pack if necessary).

7. And of course, your canine companion needs to be suited up as well! We got this exact pack for my 8-month-old lab puppy, and she barely notices that she's wearing it! Finally the little freeloader can start carting her own damn water... ;)

1. It's the desert; it is very dry and hot during the day and it gets cold at night. What does that mean? Moisturize! I'm packing my Andalou Naturals moisturizer to save my sensitive skin.

2. Moisturizer alone doesn't always hack it though, so I'm also packing my new favorite sea buckthorn oil.

3. Of course, given the strength of the desert sun, sunscreen is a must! I'm giving the DeVita sunscreen a whirl--I'll let you know how it goes!

4. For added protection, I'll be layering my Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum underneath my moisturizer and sunscreen. The vitamin C and ferulic acid are said to up the SPF benefits of sunscreen, keeping my pale pasty skin in tip-top shape!

5. Lastly, after a long day of hiking, there's nothing better than washing your face of the day's dusty grime! I'm packing the sample of R.L. Linden's cleansing powder that I've been testing (LOVE!), but this Crunchy Betty cleansing powder looks great too. I prefer bringing cleansing powders to the desert (as opposed to liquids or creams) since I can add water myself--no risk of spilling all over my pack!

How about you, readers? Anybody else love the outdoors like me? What are your favorite items to get you moving?

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