Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh Sudz Blemish Coverup review!

As described previously, I not only crossed nearly everyone off my Christmas list but also managed to do a little self-pampering during the Black Friday craziness. One of the first products to arrive, and one of my favorites, was a concealer by the Etsy shop Oh Sudz.

Review: Gail, creator of Oh Sudz, had so many great reviews for this product that I couldn't help but try it out! I first ordered the concealer in Light Cool. It arrived promptly and in a small plastic tube. I was surprised when I first looked at the product--it looked much lighter and more pink than I expected from the computer images I saw.

Upon using it, I found the product to be very creamy and blendable, without sliding off my face mid-day. I can see how it would be good for rosacea and acne as it feels moisturizing without being oily.
Now, I don't have dark under-eye circles, but I do have hyperpigmentation and red splotches on my chin. This product covers these problems well and stays put--at the end of an 8-hour workday I still have good coverage.

Unfortunately, the Light Cool was too light and pink for my coloring--bummer! Luckily, one of the joys of Etsy is getting to speak with the shop owners, so I contacted Gail and explained the problem. She was so sweet to work with and offered to send another color free of charge. She even let me keep the first one and suggested that I try mixing the two to make my perfect color! What a sweet shop owner.

My only complaint is that this, like many natural makeup products, really only works well on well-moisturized skin. This week my skin has been a little drier than usual, and the concealer is more obvious as it kind of 'snags' on my drier patches. To me this isn't a negative of the concealer itself but really a sign I need to be drinking more water and using heavier moisturizer in the winter.

Final Verdict: I'd buy this product again, not only to support a wonderful shop owner but alos because I love the product! Gail was very kind to send a free second concealer when the first didn't work for my coloring. The second one arrived so quickly too! This product is a new Holy Grail item in my green makeup kit. I highly recommend the Oh Sudz Blemish Cover Up concealer!

Photo courtesy of Oh Sudz.

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