Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry me!

Maybe I'm just snoopy, but I always like hearing about what people put on their gift lists and what they end up getting as gifts for the holidays. So, with the thought that others may be just as snoopy as I am, here's what my family blessed me with over Christmas!

Merry Christmas to Me!

1. Gap Harbor dress: I have a similar dress from Old Navy that I wear to death, but it's shrunk too much to wear to work now! For reference, I'm usually a small or medium at Gap, and this dress was too big in the waist in medium. Still love it though--can't wait to get it in small! The waist detail is really flattering.

2. Minnesota Typography Map: Home state pride! The typography represents all of the counties in Minnesota. Perfect for my bedroom when I'm feeling homesick!

3. Amy Sia for Society 6 iPhone case: This was a surprise gift, not on my list, but I have the full-size print poster of this artwork and love it so my mom gave me the portable version! :)

4. Giro ski helmet: After living in Utah for 3 winters, I've finally forked over the dough for a season pass to one of the local ski resorts. Can't go skiing without a helmet, and this one looks great with the new ski jacket my boyfriend gifted me (see below)!

5. Black Diamond headlamp: Another surprise gift, this headlamp is going to be so handy for so many activities I love, like hiking, canyoneering, playing with my dog at night, camping, etc. Can't wait to bust this out!

6. Kris Nations State Pride necklace (in Minnesota, of course): love this simple, chic necklace to represent my roots! :)

7. No More Dirty Looks: After reading the NMDL blog for a while, I decided to put the book that started it all on my list. I started reading on the plane and can't wait to finish it!

8. Anthro Chemist vase: Love this tongue-in-cheek reference to my nerdy science background, and that it will bring a little class to my boy-dominated abode :)

Last but not least, my boyfriend got me this super-bright, super-warm Marmot jacket that serves well on its own or as a liner to a ski jacket. I wore it during my visit home to zero-degree Minnesota and kept toasty the whole time! Loooove it!

In looking at my Christmas haul, I am struck by how well my loved ones know me. The gifts I was given represent many sides of me, from the creative to the scientific to the outdoorsy parts of me. I'm so blessed with the family, friends, and significant other that I have, as well as the many blessings of my job, home, health, etc. Happy holidays to you all--hope your break was as filled with love as mine! :)

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