Monday, 10 December 2012

Etsy store highlight: Amanda's Naturals

Over Black Friday I bought a soap and shower steamer/fizzy for my best friend Kelsey from the cute Etsy shop Amanda's Naturals. While I (obviously) didn't get to sample those products, Amanda the shop owner was so sweet as to message me asking if I'd like samples, too. Of course I said yes! Shortly thereafter I received a cute package containing samples of her Jasmine Body Butter, Coconut Lime Body Butter, Activated Charcoal soap, and Calm soap.

First up for review, the body butters:

My samples came in a smaller foil pack than the photos shown (those are the full-size product). I tried the jasmine body butter first and was pleased that there was enough of a sample for my whole body. The butter spread easily and absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving me feeling greasy. To be honest, it didn't really make my skin feel any different at all--it reminded me a lot of Acure Organics' body lotions, in that it seemed to help stave off dryness but not really add any moisture. This would probably be a great body butter for the summer, when you don't want to feel greasy and don't need tonnnns of moisture like I do in the winter. The jasmine scent was not overpowering and quickly faded. The other body butter, the coconut lime, had a much stronger scent initially, but that faded quickly too, in a good way.

Ingredients list: sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, palm butter, essential oil blend or premium pure fragrance oil 

I was also given a generous sliver of the Calm soap. I love the scent of chamomile, so naturally I liked this soap. It left me feeling clean and, indeed, calm, and didn't strip my skin like so many soaps tend to. I liked this little soap well enough to use up, although I can't say it was something I feel the need to purchase as a full-size soap.

Ingredients: chamomile, oatmeal, lavender/chamomile essential oil blend, coconut oil, glycerin

However, the activated charcoal/Manuka honey soap was a different story. I'm not really a soap person by any means--I can't remember the last time I bought a bar of soap, as I tend to prefer liquid versions or body washes. However, this soap made me a believer. It is a funny dark grey color, which is a bit strange to wrap your head around when your goal is to get clean. However, upon use the color is not noticeable and washes away without a trace. The soap, although listed as unscented, has a pleasant sweet smell that doesn't linger, likely due to the honey. This soap made my skin literally squeaky clean, which I usually associate with a dry, tight feeling after I dry off from my shower. However, that's not the case for this soap--my skin felt great, not dry! Made my face so smooth and I found I had to use less moisturizer to accomplish the same job. I love this soap!

Ingredients: Activated charcoal, manuka honey, coconut oil, glycerin

All in all, I enjoyed my experience playing with Amanda's Naturals' products. Of the four products I sampled, I plan to buy the activated charcoal soap once I run out. My only real critique would be that I prefer for Etsy shops to have a separate section of their product description where the ingredients are clearly laid out (i.e., "Ingredients: activated charcoal, manuka honey..." rather than a description of the ingredients mixed in with the product description, which always makes me wonder if all ingredients are mentioned). On the plus side, Amanda states in her product description that all her soaps are SLS, detergent, and dye-free.

Regardless of this small critique, Amanda was a very sweet seller and I recommend dabbling with her products as I'm sure you'll find something to love just as I did!

All photos courtesy of Amanda's Naturals.

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