Thursday, 6 December 2012

Black Friday Bonanza!

Well guys, I accomplished a major goal last Thanksgiving weekend: I utilized online sales to the fullest, crossing off nearly everyone on my Christmas list (oh, and picking up a thing or two for myself as well... ;)

Here's a recap and review of the items I snagged in the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sales! All prices listed include shipping and handling. 

For Me: 

1. Vapour Organics Aura Cheek Stain in Impulse, $25: I normally wouldn't spend this much money on any one makeup product, but after reading several great reviews on the line in general, and this item in particular, I decided to splurge when Vapour Organics offered up a 30% off code. 

3. French Girl Organics Moroccan Blue Neroli Creme Fraiche Moisturizer sample, $5, $7.65 total after shipping and 20% discount: I admit it, I was suckered in by their heavenly product descriptions and exotic ingredients.

4. Skin Apotheke Ubtan Facial Scrub, $19 after 15% off: I first heard about this product on Epic Beauty Guide, where the author raved about it. After digging a little more into reviews, it seems like everyone loves it. I'm running out of my Acure Brightening Scrub, so I thought I'd see what the fuss was about.

5. Oh Sudz Blemish Cover Up in light cool, $10.40 after shipping and 15% off: Since switching to natural products and slowly finding what facial products work best for me, my skin has really cleared up. I still have some discoloration from past acne, though, so I was looking for something to help with that and my dry skin. Acne/rosacea concealer to the rescue!

For Others:


1. For my always-busy Best Friend Kelsey: Amanda's Naturals Aromatherapy Shower Fizz Tablet in Calm, $6, and
2. Amanda's Naturals Honey Almond Soap, $6, $15.20 after shipping and 15% off: For my bestie who deserves a little pampering but rarely has the time to do so, I bought shower fizzies to calm plus a some handmade soap, which always feels luxurious to me. 

3. For my homeboy/Little Brother: Homeland Tees Minnesota State Shirt, $24.95: My little brother is a true-blue Minnesota boy, so this only seemed fitting. Now I want one!

4. Little Bro's Birthday (Dec 21): Uncommon Goods Face Mug, $22.95: Little bro loves his hot chocolate and cookies. I'm helping idiot-proof life for him, like a good big sister does.

5. For my getting-into-furniture-making Big Brother: Bessey STC Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp, $19: I have no idea what this does or is intended for, but my brother requested it, and I found it for way less than Lowes/Home Depot were offering. Score!

6. For my stressed-out med school friend Melissa: Boo: Little Dog in the Big City book, $7.30 with free shipping and 15% discount: My best friend from college and I discovered this book one hungover afternoon and could Not. Stop. Laughing. I thought she'd appreciate the gesture even though we usually don't give each other gifts. Oh and PS, getting a Barnes and Noble membership saves you SO MUCH in shipping fees. Just FYI.

7. For my newly-single best friend Anna: Marble and Milkweed Mini Rose and Chamomile Facial Set, $22. My bestie is going through a rough breakup and deserves a healthy dose of self-care, thus the home facial set. I've never ordered from this shop before, but in messaging the owner she seems lovely, and I can't wait to see that her products are too!

8. For my 'debating moving West' best friend Caitlin: Jump Off the Page's Roam Print, $14: My friend Caitlin is the epitome of Western lifestyle--very fun, outdoorsy, and adventurous, and for the last year or so I've been working to get her to quit the job she dislikes and move out here! You know what they say about leading a horse to water, but maybe this will be motivation to bring her a bit closer to me :)

8. For my obsessed with Christmas decorating Mother: Celine and Kate Tossed Snowflake Pillow, $30: Growing up, my house was always very homey, and no more so than during the holidays. My mom likes to decorate to the nines, in the most tasteful, cozy way, and this pillow is perfect for all winter long.

I still have a few people on my list, like my sister-in-law, dad, and NEW BABY NIECE (!!!!), but I'm pretty pleased with my Black Friday haul. It always feels good to get gifts that you thought of yourself rather than picked from a list, doesn't it? In my experience, even if I don't particularly like a gift I've been given, just the thought the person put into choosing a unique gift is present enough for me :)

Did you pull the trigger on any fun Black Friday deals and steals?

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