Monday, 17 December 2012

Just thoughts

Today I can't write about beauty products, or shoes, or rugs, or any of the other things that, while perhaps materialistic, make me happy to discuss on a normal day. Today I don't know how to write. I, like so many fortunate people, did not personally know anyone connected to the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday, but I'm still trying to process what happened. It is impossible to comprehend how a member of humanity could do such a thing, and my heart and prayers go out to those who were not as fortunate as I, those who have lost loved ones, lost their innocence, lost the trust that they can send their kids to elementary school and have them come home safely.

I have read many commentaries on the tragedy over the weekend, ranging from statistics about the culture of violence in the US to cries for better support of mental health resources or stricter gun control laws. I know that we have to do something to prevent further tragedies from happening, and that those discussions need to take place now, but part of me just feels the need to curl into a ball, hug my loved ones close, and grieve for those beautiful people who were lost on Friday. To take the time to mourn for these strangers that have been ripped from the world. To really experience the pain of this tragedy, to really acknowledge the loss, rather than jumping immediately to action and focusing on those efforts rather than on the tragic loss of so many lives.

I'm sad today.

EDIT: Sometimes in tragedy we need to remember that there is good in humanity too. Click here for examples that made me cry in a good way.