Friday, 21 March 2014

Etsy Reviews: Items I've Purchased and Loved

Whenever possible, I like to support small (preferably local) business. Naturally Etsy has become of favorite shopping spot for me, and today I'd like to share some of my favorite finds!

Starting with my most recent purchase, but in no other particular order: 

photo: my own

photo: my own

Price: $45
Notes: I'm in love with my new statement necklaces! It's a bit daintier than I was expecting and so, so lovely--I wore it the day I received it! Shipping was really quick, the necklace is well-made, and the packaging is so cute! Two thumbs up--I have my eye on this origami necklace next!

Price: $65
Notes:  I am SO not the skulls-as-decor type, nor do I typically decorate with what is essentially just a knick-knack, but when I saw this I couldn't resist! It is made via 3D printing, and it's so light but tough. The details on this are AMAZING. Funny story--I actually lost this for a bit during our bathroom renovation and my wonderful boyfriend found it in our garage in a bucket full of renovation supplies, without a single scratch, dent, or tear! Pretty resilient piece :)  While it was lost, I found myself missing it regularly so I was overjoyed when it was found! Awesome shop, awesome piece. Now I'm on the search for a tiny bell jar/glass cloche to display it in.

Price: $12
Notes: These hand-carved stamps are works of art in and of themselves. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quick shipping (from Canada!) of this product. I'm using this for some pillow cases but plan to frame it in a shadow box after--it's too pretty to just put away in a drawer! Right now I have my eye on this border stamp to add some pizazz to the edges of plain sheets and pillowcases in our bedroom!

Price: $29.99
Notes: Our puppy outgrew her old collar, so we were on the hunt for a new one. This one is awesome! It's heavy-duty with multiple color options and styles.  You can personalize the metal buckle however you wish with up to three lines of text and multiple font options. We added our dog's name, my phone number, and our address, but if we had more space we would've noted that she's microchipped. I'd buy from here again!

Price: $22
Notes:  The above link goes to the Kids version of the tee; I bought this one but it says "home" (as pictured) instead of "native." The shop has expanded since I bought mine--mine is listed as a unisex shirt, so it's a bit boxy, but they also have women's versions in multiple colors that are probably a bit more fitted. Personally I like the boxiness of mine--it's suuuuuper soft and comfortable and just slouchy enough without being sloppy. I love to tuck mine into a leather skirt with sneakers for a casual going-out look. 

Price: $25.95
Notes: I bought this set as a Christmas gift to my parents and had each snowflake made with the first letter in the name of each member of my family. They arrived exactly as pictured and are really lovely--a nice sentimental gift. 


Price: $4
Notes: I love this little card shop--all of her cards are really clever. I got this for my boyfriend but there are tons of other options I'd buy as well!

Price: $16
Notes: I stumbled on this shop when they had a two-for-one deal going on, so I also scored their The Smallest Ocean print. I love this All the Cool Kids print for my gallery wall, and the Smallest Ocean print works nicely with my Claire Elsaesser prints in our bathroom! Now I have my eye on some of her newest releases, including The Smallest Oceans No. 2. Her work is so lovely and has this hazy, romantic quality that I'm obsessed with. 

Price: $20 for 8x10; other sizes and colors available
Notes: I bought this for my ski-bunny friend for Christmas, and it was so pretty! She also has cards, phone covers, etc. I want to frame this postcard for my gallery wall!

Please click through the links to the stores themselves, as they each offer tons of other products that I'd love to own as well. And hook a girl up--what are some of your favorite Etsy shops?

Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of the respective shops I've linked to. 

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