Thursday, 20 March 2014

A bit about me, plus a lovely neutral boho home tour!

So have you guys noticed that I've been blogging up a storm lately? That's because I'm trying to fight cabin fever as I'm finishing up three weeks off work to recover from a hip surgery.

I've always been a really active person, and last October my hip started hurting every time I exercised (hiking, rock climbing, running, yoga, etc). I eventually went through a couple of months of physical therapy and finally got referred to orthopedic surgery, where I was told that I have femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). That's basically a fancy way of saying that extra bone has developed on my femur and hip socket, so that the long bone of my leg no longer fit smoothly into the hip socket (basically the two bones would grind against each other with movement). 

The good doc says that FAI is most common in active young people and is a newly-identified cause of hip pain in these individuals (apparently a lot of pro hockey players have had the same problem). 

Anyway, long story short, I had surgery on March 4th to shave down the excess bone, and I have been off work ever since. It's been tough to sit (well, lay, actually) still and not work, exercise, cook, etc. I go back to work on Monday part-time. 

I bring all of this up because the time off of work has allowed me space to reflect on lots of things in my life, including this blog. I'm realizing that although I've been posting since 2009 (!!!), I haven't really shared much of myself. The blogs I love to read are the ones that give a glimpse into the blogger's life and personality, rather than just essentially a catalogue of pretty items, outfits, and homes (although I love that part too!). So going forward, I'm going to try to share more of myself in my posts. Sound good? Good.

Hopefully I haven't bored you to tears and you're still reading; therefore, you should be rewarded for your good behavior! ;) Here's my newest idea of a home I'd like to move into as-is

The home of watchmaker Kelsi Vande Velden, this small property on Maui is bursting with texture and interesting objects. 

Don't you feel relaxed just looking at these images? I sure do. 

Takeaways from this tour:
  • If your home is entirely neutral, make sure to incorporate many textures and varying shades of the same color palette (here, it's white, cream, tan, ivory, beige, grey, and mixed metals). This provides interest for the eye in a space that could otherwise be pretty boring.
  • I love three things about her coffee table: the beautiful grains of the wood, the organic shape of the piece, and the gorgeous terrariums adorning the surface. 
  • Although there are many things in this small apartment, it doesn't feel cluttered or cramped to me because of the way they are styled and that there is a consistent soothing color palette. Think how chaotic her wood shelves with the ram's head would be if each of those pieces was a different color! When trying to make spaces feel larger, limit your color palette and be selective about how you style your objects. 
  • Pick one statement piece, much like in fashion, to focus attention on--this allows everything else to be much simpler. For example, the ornate headboard in her bedroom draws your eye immediately, so it's perfectly lovely instead of boring that she has very simple white bed linens. 
For a few more images of this lovely abode plus a fun Q&A session with the homeowner, please head on over to PopSugar!

All image credits: PopSugar

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