Friday, 14 March 2014

Building a Wardrobe: Accessories and Shoes!

Even for people trying to live via a capsule wardrobe, who likely have adopted a more minimalistic approach to fashion, the limited number of pieces available in small closet can get a bit repetitive and boring. That's why shoes and accessories are a girl's best friends!

There are several types of shoes that are needed to make a wardrobe complete; likewise, certain pieces of jewelry are staples:

Basics: Shoes and Accessories

These will cover your bases and make your wardrobe look put-together, but not necessarily the most interesting or dimensional. For that we need our Key Pieces. Here are the items that I'd add to my capsule wardrobe--remember, the four characteristics of choosing Key Pieces apply here too!

Shoes and Accessories
Breakdown of Key Pieces:

  • Patterned (floral) scarf, patterned (leopard) scarf, textural scarf, patterned (abstract) scarf: scarves are a great way to make a very basic outfit look polished. Buy a few different scarves, making sure that they each encompass a different characteristic for key pieces (i.e., patterned, structural, textural, and colorful).
  • Colorful, Structural statement earrings: sometimes your outfit needs a focal point, which these earrings provide!
  • Structural chunky necklace: heftier than your basic chain, this necklace helps make work outfits look finished.
  • Textural bling necklace: sometimes an outfit needs a little sparkle! I love sparkly, blingy necklaces against more demure fabrics like chambray. 
  • Patterned (stripes) necklace: if most of your wardrobe is basics, a striped necklace will spice things up, and also provides a fun way to play with pattern mixing.
  • Patterned (animal) flats: Some would consider these a basic, since they essentially go with everything. Leopard is a neutral!
  • Patterned (animal/geometric) sneakers: Running errands doesn't have to be frumpy, and these funky slip-ons will jazz up your jeans and tshirt.
  • Textural, structural boots: Some days you have to show the world you mean business, so bust out some moto boots!
  • Structured heels: Sexiness in a shoe!
  • Colorful, Patterned (geometric) wedges: If you have a pretty basic wardrobe, you need fun pieces like these wedges to jazz things up a bit.
On top of these items your closet will need a purse and work tote. I like my purse as small as possible, so I don't fill it up with junk. My rule of thumb for small purses is to buy quality leather bags, but don't spend more than $200 (any more than that and you're typically paying for a brand name, not the quality of the purse). Likewise, I am willing to splurge a little on a work tote, since I use it most days of the week. Since it's a bigger item, I make my budget no more than $250. 

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