Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Wishlist

Although I did a big closet clean-out not too long ago, something about spring makes me want to just clear out all extraneous items from my life and start fresh. Yesterday found me cleaning out my closet again.

By this point, my wardrobe is basically slimmed down to only items that I wear and love. I'm talking like 4 dresses, 3 pairs of dress pants, 2 pairs of while I've gotten rid of lots of things I no longer wear and/or love, I now have lots of holes in my wardrobe that leave it less-than-functional.

To help figure out which holes needed to be patched, I went all nerd-style on my Style Inspiration Pinterest board. I looked at the outfits I love and what I have in my closet already and what I'd need to add to my closet in order to recreate my favorite looks.

For example:

Looks I like

I have some of the items needed to recreate the above looks, but there are plenty of holes in my closet still! So once my tax return comes in, you can bet I'll be splurging on some lovely items to fill the holes in my newly-cleaned closet:

Spring Wishlist 2013

What's on your spring wardrobe wishlist? Do you get a similar urge to purse (your closet, I mean!)?

All images via my Style Inspiration board or as linked on my polyvore boards!

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